Tenant advice - property search tips

Margaret Duffus Leasing specialise in quality properties in and around Aberdeen. Here's a guide to overcoming the pitfalls of letting and to help you achieve your property goals.

  • Have a checklist of what you’re looking for in a property and prioritise them to help you decide how suitable a property is for you.

  • The viewing agent will not always be able to answer all your questions on each property so make a note of what you want to know and contact the office directly.

  • Try to view during daylight but go past the property yourself at different times of day to assess parking, traffic and noise. Normal office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday - it is advisable to book for viewings at least 24 hours in advance (this allows us to notify tenants where properties are still occupied).

  • Feel free to view a property a second time or make a special extended appointment to take measurements but remember we will continue to show it to other potential tenants until a firm offer has been accepted and a reservation fee has been paid. MD Leasing normally allocate 15 minutes for first viewings

  • Once you have chosen the property you wish to rent, contact the office to make an offer.  It is important to remember that for the best properties there may be a number of people looking to rent it and if you delay in making a decision it may go to someone else.

  • You will be asked what rental price you are offering, what length of lease you would be looking to commit to as well as who would be staying in the property and your personal circumstances.  If you have any other requests with regards to the lease agreement this should be also be made now – e.g. garden maintenance included, any requests with regards to decoration, requests to move or add any furniture, permission to install satellite TV have a pet, etc.

  • Once an agreement has been made in principal with the landlord you will be asked for a £200 reservation deposit and to complete an application form. When the deposit and the completed form have been received no further viewings will be made at the property and the details will be removed from the internet.  The deposit is fully refundable should the lease not go ahead for any reason and will be offset against the balance of the deposit due at the start of the lease.

  • Once your references have been completed successfully draft lease documents will be produced for you to review. You are advised that you should always seek your own legal advice before signing a lease.